You don't see the network? Java VM is disabled, to old or not even installed.
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The red graph shows environmental input to the network, it corresponds to the setting "pulse". The green graph shows the network's output.
Left click on other nodes to see their output plotted, right click nodes to turn them off, i.e. lesion the net. Note that the green graph does not correspond to a single node's output as several nodes produce the output protein.
Click on the "inducer" checkbox to turn on inducing input and watch how the network behavior changes.
Round nodes are of induced type (default 'off') and square ones are constituitive (default 'on'); the one node with rounded corners represents environmental input to the gene. The lighter a node is colored the more active it is.
Red connections are activatory, blue ones are inhibitory. N.B.: The grouping of links into modules is not shown in this visualization!