We, Angela Kuehn and Johannes Knabe, will be your group leaders at the
Deetz volunteer camp from July 2nd till 22nd. This is the first workcamp
for both of us so there is excitement on all sides :-)
We are very happy to be able to spend this time with you and sure we
will have a lot of fun together and hopefully some good work to do. 

The information letter you got from Pro International had already the
most important things (sleeping bags, travel details,...) however there
are some more points we wanted to let you know about;

1. The arrival

      * It would be great if all of you could send pro international your arrival time in Deetz (or Zerbst), so we know who wants to be picked up and who can make it on his own.

2. Necessary things
      * There are some things you really should not forget, because we are going to work outside:
      * maybe we have to work in rain, mudd, dirt...or go for walks so donīt forget some solid shoes
      * remember to bring some "work clothes", that can get dirty, wet,whatever
      * don`t forget to bring some rainwear, maybe we work outside while it`s raining
      * however usually there should be a lot of sun, so also a hat and some light clothes would come in handy
      * bring swimming things, there is a lake not far away from the camp
      * sun and mosquito protection make life more comfotable during summer in the German wilderness ;)

3. Funny things

      * as we work around 5 hours a day we will have a lot of free time. To make the camp as excitig, nice, cool, ...whatever... as possible, we would ask you to bring everything you can think about that enriches our camp and makes it funnier.
      * We would like to make some "international evenings" with you. That means that everybody brings some specific things from his culture to the camp, thinks of something he /she could cook, play, show,... the others.
      * bring music, games, fotos, maps, or whatever you think that represents your country, your city, your region. Almost from each country are at least 2 people coming, so you can also contact your "country partner" and provide something together with him/her. However you like it.

If you have any questions, you can write or call one of us at any time!
You can also contact Pro International and they will help you, no matter
what you need....

So we wish everybody a pleasent and not to hard journey, stay healthy and don`t forget to tell when you will arrive in Deetz (if you did not do until now).

See all of you in July, looking forward to meet you, to the camp, to everything!

Greets Angela & Johannes

+49 163 7161146