Infopage for the Workcamp held in Krefeld 14.07.-04.08.2007
In our workcamp 21 people from all over the world, namely from Armenia, France, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraina lived together for three weeks.
The camp was initiated by IJGD e.V., with the "Kindergarten An de Dreew" Huels being the local partner (Thanks to Birgit Mahlke from the Kindergarten and Angela Schäfer from the city of Krefeld). Group coordinators were Angela Kühn and Johannes Knabe.

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Information / Documents
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  • Description: This is an 10 Anniversary - ijgd - Camp. International ijgd volunteers will do gardening and other work outside the day centre for children - Your help is needed at a municipal childrens day centre, where the grounds are to be modernised and redesigned in a more natural fashion. In co-operation with municipal staff your work will involve creating a large sandpit with a water play area, as well as building a sound garden and climbing wall with a sandpit for soft landings. This work can be physically demanding. In addition, you'll demarcate new play zones and, on the paved area, paint "traffic lanes" and hop scotch squares.
    Krefeld offers a variety of interesting cultural and leisure facilities, and the Lower Rhine region as well as Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr region are all within easy reach. If you fancy swimming, there is a large open-air pool nearby.
    Accomodation: In the childrens day centre, cooking done by the group. Location: North-Rhine Westphalia; 20 km north-west of Düsseldorf, 60 km north of Cologne. Train station: Krefeld; Airport: Düsseldorf
  • Directions: From Krefeld Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof, Hbf) take tram 44 (direction Hüls) to Steeger Dyk (22 minutes), from there take Bus 45 (Ringbus) to Am Porthspick, for the last meters look at the map and address:
    "Städtischer Kindergarten An de Dreew", An de Dreew 16, D-47839 Krefeld - Map - Phone +49 2151 743111, Fax +49 2151 743105
    You can also use Journey Planner to find tram and bus times! (A service of VRR, the regional public transport company)
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  • List of participants

    Babikova, Anna 22 Russia
    Bigot, Pierre 17 France
    Cakir, Cansu 16 Turkey
    Fuchte, Nina 17 Germany
    Garkavenlo, Roman 17 Ukraina
    Han, Inseon 20 South Korea
    Hartmann, Sulamith 17 Switzerland
    Harutyunyan, Ashot Karen 17 Armenia
    Knabe, Johannes 26 Germany
    Kühn, Angela 26 Germany
    Makarova, Anna 21 Russia
    Movsisyanm, Sofia 17 Armenia
    Pochtar, Kostiantyn 17 Ukraina
    Ritter, Katharina 17 Germany
    Salcedo Carrillo, Cristina 21 Spain
    Sari, Miray 17 Turkey
    Sukiasyan, Robert 19 Armenia
    Tomas Martin, Patricia 22 Spain
    Toromanoff, Silvain 17 France
    Tsaghikyan, Erik 19 Armenia
    Van den Bos, Sanne 16 Germany

    You can browse a large selection of photos or simply have a look at our group photo:

    Group photo

    From top left to bottom right: Nina, Johannes, Sanne, Pierre, Roman, Kostja, Katharina, Inseon, Cansu, Silvain, Miray, Cristina, Sofia, Patricia, Anna, Sulamith, Anna, Erik, Ashot, Angela, Rob

    Click here to view a slideshow with loads of pictures!