Basic commands on your machine for Condor

What is this about?

Here you will find the basic commands to check the status of your installed Condor software. Much more details are provided in the official Condor Version 6.6.10 Manual.
Note that all commands are run from the command line, for Windows this means you have to run "cmd" (Start menu->Run->cmd) and change to the Condor directory (e.g. "cd \Condor\bin").
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Checking the status

Checking your submitted jobs

Details on how to submit jobs are given in the local submit section, only a compact listing here:

In the above, $JOB_NUM can always be either a specific job number (e.g. 120.3) or a whole batch (e.g. 120).

Useful bash scripts for bigger projects

If you have Bash and Grep (most Linux distros and CygWin) you can download these scripts which the author has written for housekeeping with many jobs:

Click script name to download, then change "CONDOR_BIN=/usr/local/condor/bin" to your Condor path in these scripts.

I do not guarantee the correctness/adequateness of the data and the information given on this side and thus deny any responsibility for your use of it.
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