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General settings:

Hide all control elements (useful for embedded frames):
Auto-detect the user's preferred language or use a fixed one?
     0-255: R  G  B 

Browser mode settings:

Number of columns (images per line):
Number of rows (images per column):

Give people the opportunity to download all photos in one zip-file?

Slideshow mode settings:

Shall presentation start automatically when in slideshow mode?
How long shall the overall display time (in seconds) of a picture be initially?
Shall the slideshow initially fit images to screen (instead of showing them in actual size)?

Shall playing be interrupted while the mouse is over a photo?
When the mouse is moved over the current image shall it's title be shown as a tooltip?

Shall the number of the current image and total number, e.g. 5/11, be shown?
Shall the size of the picture, e.g. (640x480), be shown?

Do you want images to be sorted by date rather than by their filename?
Display images in random order (this only makes sense for slideshows and not browsing)?

Do you want to fade/blend at all between images?
If so, what fading mode would you like to use?

How many shade levels shall be used for fading?
How many milliseconds for each shade level?

Download your personal php script file

Click "GENERATE" for your individual script with above settings to be generated. Download it to your PC, from there you can upload it to your server; place it in the same directory as the pictures. That's it - all functionality in only one script.
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