Details of undergraduate studies
I have completed a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck. If you wonder what Cognitive Science is about, Wikipedia has good articles in English as well as German. While maintaining a strong focus on information sciences it was very good to gain insights in the areas of Neurobiology, Philosophy and Psychology as well. Beside working as a teaching assistent twice I have participated in several research projects. There was SpamStop, utilizing SVMs to categorize mails. Later I worked in the Neuroinformatics Group, first on the multi-agent reinforcement learning capabilities of the Brainstormers 2D Robocup team and then on getting Robosapien robots to play soccer. The overall grade, a weighted sum of collateral examintion and thesis results, was excellent with distinction.
Two work experiences as a teaching assistant ("Tutor") are listed in the corresponding section of my general CV.
Apart from all this there were excellent fellow students as well as friends and it was a pleasure to study with them which might be partially visible from my activities in the students union.
Here you can find:

Bachelor's thesis
Kooperatives Reinforcement Lernen in Multiagentensystemen
(Cooperative Reinforcement Learning in Multiagent Systems)
Source code
The source code is available at, along with the full Brainstormers 2D RoboCup code (look for Score04 and related files!).
1. Examiner
Prof. Dr. M. Riedmiller
2. Examiner
Prof. Dr. V. Sperschneider

Areas of emphasis (Collateral examinations)
Field Grade (Examiner)
very good (Prof Dr. R. Vogt)
Artificial Intelligence
excellent (Dr. H. Gust)
excellent (Prof. Dr. V. Sperschneider)
Computational Linguistics
excellent (Prof. Dr. P. Bosch)
Computer Science
very good (Prof Dr. O. Vornberger)

Courses taken in Osnabrueck, 2001 till 2005 (chronological order)
Course Teacher Result (ECTS grade, ECTS credit points)
Statistics I and Psychological Methodology
Prof. Dr. R. Suck
(B, 12 ECTS-pts)
Prof. Dr. O. Vornberger
(B, 12 ECTS-pts)
Introduction to Linguistics
Prof. Dr. P. Bosch
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Introduction to Epistemology
Dr. U. Meyer
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Foundations of Logic I
PD Dr. A Stephan
(C, 8 ECTS-pts)
Introduction to Neurobiology
Prof. Dr. G. Jeserich
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Foundations of Cognitive Science
Prof. Dr. P. Bosch, Prof. Dr. F. Schmalhofer
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Programming in Logic
PD Dr. H. Gust
(A, 8 ECTS-pts)
Object Oriented Programming
Dr. U. Schmid
(B, 12 ECTS-pts)
Cognitive Psychology
Prof Dr. F. Schmalhofer
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Sensory Physiology
Prof. Dr. G. Jeserich
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Philosophy of Mind
PD Dr. A Stephan
(B, 8 ECTS-pts)
Computational Linguistics
Prof. Dr. P. Bosch, Dr. S. Reinhard
(B, 8 ECTS-pts)
Morphology and Syntax
Dr. J. Trommer
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Learning Algorithms
Dr. B. Hammer
(A, 4 ECTS-pts)
Functional Programing
Dr. U. Schmid
(A,12 ECTS-pts)
Linear Algebra
Prof. Dr. Vogt
(C, 12 ECTS-pts)
Applied NLP
Dr. G. Katz
(C, 4 ECTS-pts)
Dr. M. Herzog
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Theoretical Neuroscience
Dr. M. Schmitt
(A, 12 ECTS-pts)
Methods of AI
Dr. U. Schmid
(B, 8 ECTS-pts)
Logic II
PD. Dr. A. Stephan
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Analysis I (Calculus)
Prof. Dr. W. Bruns
(B, 12 ECTS-pts)
Neural Networks
Prof. Dr. V. Sperschneider
(A, 12 ECTS-pts)
Theoretical Computer Science
Prof. Dr. V. Sperschneider
(A, 12 ECTS-pts)
Complex Adaptive Systems
Prof. Dr. C. Pahl-Wostl
(B, 8 ECTS-pts)
AI Perspectives on Learning
Prof. Dr. K.-U. Kuehnberger, Dr. H. Gust
(B, 4 ECTS pts)
Applied Computer Science
Dr. M. Gieseking
(B, 12 ECTS-pts)
Modular Neurodynamics
Prof. Dr. F. Pasemann
(B, 4 ECTS-pts)
Autonomous Robots
Prof. Dr. M. Riedmiller
(A, 8 ECTS-pts)
(Total: 228 ECTS-pts)

Courses (taken in Osnabrueck, but outside the Cognitive Science course of studies), Mathematics Faculty
Analysis II
Prof. Dr. W. Bruns
(pass, 12 ECTS-pts)
Probability Theory and Statistics
Prof. Dr. P. Meyer-Nieberg
(pass, 12 ECTS-pts)
Formalization of Knowledge
Prof. Dr. E. Cohors-Fresenborg
(pass, 12 ECTS-pts)

Courses taken during my semester abroad in Trondheim, Norway, Winter 2003
Knowledge Representation
Prof. P. Oezturk
(C, 7.5 ECTS-pts)
Intelligent User Interfaces
Prof. A. Thomassen
(B, 7.5 ECTS-pts)
Cooperation Technology
Prof. M. Divitini
(C, 7.5 ECTS-pts)

Student self-organization
Summer 2004
Organisation of a canoe tour for CogScis on the Ems river (Photos).
Summer 2003
Organisation of a canoe tour for CogScis on the Hase river (Photos).
October 2002
Organisation of a trip for the CogSci freshmen to Lutter Castle (Photos).
Spring 2002
Design of an interactive internet portal for the Cognitive Science students (has changed a lot since then).

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