Welcome to the Supplets info page!

What is this about?

Supplets is a plugin for MS Internet Explorer which allows to make annotations on html pages like on paper, i.e. mark text on web pages and attach notes to text. This supplementary meta-page information is persistent and can be sent to friends via mail.

Why does the world need this?

In our days most information is avaiable online: Scientific papers, newspapers and so on. Information is faster than ever. But still most people print texts before thoroughly reading it in order to be able to underline and take notes on important parts. When disscussing with others about a text those annotated hardcopys are faxed or described: Go to that web page, note paragraph four and so on... All this is a little annoying nowadays isn't it?
At least I felt it might be nice to archive my notes like this as I tend to forget otherwise!


Unfortunately I had only time to build an alpha version. You can try it, it works quite well but has some shortcomings. For example when you want to use Supplets for collaborative work and send your meta-data to somebody else - if she returns it to you with some additional annotations there is no conflict resolution and data might be lost! Still I think my code is a good basis to build on and thus I have put it online at Sourceforge and look for people to continue the project. In case you are interested and do not want to start from the beginning do not hesitate to contact me!

Click here to see some sreenshots.

Download alpha version installation routine (Comes with a deinstallation routine, so no danger of trashing your system.)

Download corresponding source files (Comes with a ReadMe.txt file.)

You may use and change the sourcecoude as you wish, it is licensed under the GPL.
I do not guarantee the correctness of the program code or the information given on this side and thus deny any responsibility for your use of it
Johannes Knabe (jknabe@panmental.de)
v1.0 Osnabrueck, Germany, 2004
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